Friday, April 20, 2012

A Surprise

We were supposed to head home from Florida on Friday, but Ken and I had been working on a little last minute surprise. We decided on Thursday that we should take the long way home (slightly out of the way) and spend a night at Pensacola Beach. We had to make a secret trip to Target to buy some sand toys, towels and a bathing suit for me since I didn't bring mine with me. We woke up super early on Friday and loaded the van to "go home". Ella had no clue until we stopped at the hotel and Ken got out to check in. She said, "what are we doing". I told her to look at the GPS picture and tell me what she thought (it had water all around us). She said, "we are at a pool". I said bigger than a pool. Then she figured it out and was so excited! Olivia had never been to the beach before, but was really happy about staying in another hotel, she loves hotels! The hotel had three heated pools, one was a kiddie pool with sprinklers and buckets of water that dumped on you. The Ocean was a little chilly but we all still managed to get it. I am so glad we decided to take this little detour to the beach, it was well worth it!

A not so fun surprise was the birthday gift Ken received from the state of Mississippi on the way home. Yep, he got a speeding ticket on his birthday (March 17). It was the only police car we had seen the whole week and we didn't even see her until she had her lights on behind us. I have no clue where she was hiding!


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