Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Pictures From The Beach

Our third day at the beach was a little cooler so we decided it would be a good day to spend at the outlet mall.  It warmed up enough during the day that we could have just gone to the beach... but I'll take any excuse to go shopping!

The fourth day Ella had fun having a water fight with Ken.
 She also had fun burying Olivia in the sand

 And then they both got buried.

 Olivia made another pond and decorated it.

 Ella wrote her name in the sand.

And we ended the day by going to the pool, lazy river and water slide.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Break

We just got back from 8 wonderful days at the beach!  My parents rented a condo for the month and we were able to go during Ella and Olivia's fall break.  My mom is lucky and gets to stay the whole month. She is recovering from knee replacement surgery and wanted to finish it at the beach.  I guess she deserves it :) 

I have lots and lots of pictures... well not so much from the first day (left my camera upstairs)... but lots after that.

They really do love each other.

Each day Olivia wanted to make a pond (a big hole that we would fill with water and then she would sit in it).  Not sure why she enjoyed this so much.

We had a great second day at the beach. The water was perfect and the weather was perfect (it was all week)!  

Really... she looks way too grown-up!

Olivia really liked sneaking up and pouring water on our feet.

I am so happy that my dad was able to take off work and enjoy some time at the beach too!

Here is Olivia's second pond.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Last Of The Chicago Pictures

Okay, I am finally finishing up from our trip to Chicago.  On day 3 Ken needed the van for work so he dropped us off at Navy Pier again.  We hadn't walked to the end of the Pier the other night we were there and someone had given us extra ride tickets so we decided to do that while we waited for Ken to go to his meeting.

It was so windy at the end of the Pier. 

So windy!

 Luckily, their was another family suffering through the wind that offered to take a picture for us.

When Ken picked us up we headed to Michigan Avenue for a little shopping.  Going to the American Girl Store was the only thing Ella and Olivia cared about.

They were so surprised when they both got to pick a new doll.  Ella picked McKenna and Olivia picked a bitty twin (just got one though).  Olivia named her doll Emily Elizabeth.

The rest of the trip Ken had to work so we hung out at the hotel and swam until he got off work.  One day we went to an outlet mall and another day we stopped at Ikea.  We enjoyed the little working vacation and were happy to tag along!